Youth Director - Job Opening


Christ the King Lutheran Church is in search of a part time Coordinator of Youth Ministry which is a professional exempt position.  This position will have certain responsibilities and will be under the direction of the Pastor, the Congregational Council and the Chairperson of the Education Committee, share the Good News of Jesus Christ and bring people to know Christ by coordinating activities for junior high and high school age youth.

The requirements of this position are as follows:

 * High School Diploma and one (1) year of related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.
 * Must be Christian (Lutheran denomination highly desirable)
 * Must pass drug screening and criminal background screening prior to starting work and at any time during the course of employment as required by the Congregation Council
 * Must be able to work harmoniously with all types of people both members and non members of the congregation
 * Strong ability to communicate with and relate to children, junior and senior high school aged youth
 * Must be able to organize and plan programs and events from initial planning through completion.  Must be able to anticipate project needs, determine priorities, and meet deadlines
 * Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills
 * Must be able to multi-task
 * Needs to be able to travel locally and out of state and work non-traditional hours such as evenings and weekends when needed
 * A person that has experience with youth and/or family ministry highly desirable 

Work Environment:

 * Candidate will work in a church office environment.  Occasionally works outdoors as events require

Work Time Expectations:

 * Recognizing there are seasons of longer working hours such as retreats, missions trips, etc, the expected time commitment is 1040 hours annually which is approximately 20 hours per week if averaged out over the year. This time would be to include preparations, meetings, time with youth and parents, retreats, overnights, camp and missions trips.  This is an exempt (salaried) position.
 * The expected regularly scheduled office hours are 10 hours per week.  These hours should be scheduled during times such as afternoons or evenings so as to be available when youth are not in school.  These hours should be published so that youth and parents are aware of when the Youth Coordinator is available.  As not all office hours will involve time with youth, this schedule should leave ample time for planning and leading youth activities, attending worship services and working on assigned projects without exceeding the expected time commitment.

Essential Job Functions:

 * Coordinates and supervises activities for junior high and high school youth to include a planned Youtheran Fellowship and Bible Study weekly during the school year and monthly during the summer
 * Assists church leaders in the development and implementation of programs and activities for the youth
 * Plans and carries out one social event per year that includes both youth and confirmation aged children
 * Works with Education Committee to plan and carry out weekly Christian education activities for youth, as well as assisting the committee in the planning and execution of annual Vacation bible School and other special events such as Rally Day, Christmas Programs and youth services
 * May teach a Sunday class as determined by the Pastor and Education Committee
 * Attends and acts as chaperon of youth at Church Council approved overnight events such as the ELCA youth gathering
 * Ensures all youth activities are carried out within budget guidelines set by the Congregational Council
 * Ensures written parent/guardian permission is obtained for any youth activities taking place away from the church grounds or for any overnight activities.  Maintains records of same
 * Ensures that all adult participants (18 and over) in youth activities meet the Congregational Council's requirements for working with children, including but not limited to passing a criminal background screening
 * Communicates with parents to ensure all are aware of youth activities and to gain support and input on same.  Publishes a youth calendar
 * When youth activities involve church volunteers and/or committees, candidate will ensure communication with all affected  parties and approval of appropriate committee chair persons
 * Submits monthly updates to Congregational Council on Youth activities and plans
 * Maintains records of youth activities including scope, cost, post-activity evaluation and suggestions for improvement
 * Promotes youth attendance by regularly attending worship services and other church activities
 * Exemplifies the servant life and seeks to motivate others to live it by adhering to the standards set forth in the Visions and Expectations Associates in Ministry, Deaconesses and Diaconal Ministers in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
 * Attends and participates in staff meetings
 * Attends synod and/or area youth leader meetings
 * Performs other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or Congregational Council

Please review all the information provided.  If you are interested and have the required qualifications, please mail your resume to Christ the King, Attention:  Pastor Brian Bauer, 4200 Denton Hwy, Haltom City, TX  76117-2013. We would love to hear from you.